Hemo Rage - A Concise Review

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Published: 17th January 2011
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The supplement I am going to be reviewing today is Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentate by Nutrex. Hemo rage is a pre workout supplement that promises us a ultra concentrated formula that requires only 1 scoop to be super charged and ready to go in the gym. Most other pre workout supplements require you to take more and more scoops as you build up a tolerance to the them. In order to achieve this Nutrex formulated hemo rage with creatine monohydrate, l-arginine alpha ketoglutarate, beta alanine, taurine, caffeine, 1,3 dimethylamylamine, huperzine a and most importantly of all their mystery 2,290mg proprietary blend. Now all this sounds good and well but does it actually work when you use it? Keep reading to see how it REALLY did in the gym.


The first time I used hemo rage I took 2 servings. If you take a close look at hemo rages label you will notice that 1/3 of a scoop is considered 1 serving and the whole scoop itself is considered 3 servings. I myself took 2 servings (2/3 of a scoop) of hemo rage at the start. The reason I did this was because I have taken a ton of pre workout supplements in the past and I have built up quite a tolerance to stimulants but for anyone who is new I recommend starting with 1 serving. With that being said, I mixed in my 2 servings of hemo rage with about 5oz of water and proceeded to wait the necessary 30 minutes before it kicks in.

As the 30 minutes past and I was entering my gym I started to feel the energy kick in a little. The problem with hemo rage was as I proceeded through the workout, the energy continually stayed little. I felt like I was running on the energy of a single cup of coffee and not this $30 supplement.

To be fair to Nutrex and to make the most out of my money, the next workout I took the full dosage (1 scoop). I also followed the standard procedure of taking it with 5oz of water and waiting 30 minutes. The difference was shocking, taking 1 scoop rather then 2/3 of a scoop made a huge difference in terms of effectiveness for me. I guess I underestimated the tolerance I have built up to stimulants.

On the full dosage, the energy hits you like a shotgun. You literally feel so amped up that no physical task seems too tough for you. I broke my personal record on my squat and leg press the first day that I used the full dosage of hemo rage. Even after I finished my workout I still felt like I had that hemo rage energy in me.

Energy: 9/10

Considering the energy you get from hemo rage is pretty wild and all over the place its crucial that you come in the gym READY to workout and harness that energy accordingly. If you come in the gym ready to work hard then you will feel super focused but if you are just not in the working out mood then hemo rage will not help you one bit. In simplest terms I feel that hemo rage amplifies what ever mental state you are in. As I went through the tub of hemo rage I noticed that my focus levels were greatly dependent on myself and not hemo rage. When I was in a lazy mood, I was still lazy but just more energetic. When I was in a good mood then Id have some of the best workouts in my life.

Focus: 7/10


There isnt much to say about the pumps. They were solid overall and I did notice an increase in vascularity as I worked out.

Pump: 6/10


This can be good or bad depending on where you buy it. If you shop smart then it will be fair, if you just buy at any old random place then its a likely to be a bad deal. Some places charge $10 more then others. If we compare its pricing to its competitors like jack3d or superpump 250 then Id still say the price is pretty fair. Its cost per serving is similar to most of its competitors.

Price: 6/10


Overall hemo rage is a good supplement. It provides you with top of the line energy and solid pumps. Just be sure to find what dosage works for you (1/3, 2/3 or 1 scoop) and be ready to harness all that powerful energy you will get. If your still not convinced then jack3d may be for you. Read our jack3d reviews.

Overall: 7.5/10

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